Our lodge is an english Observant Lodge, regularly chartered under the Grand Lodge of Quebec on September 22, 1920. We are a fellowship of brothers who share a common desire to improve ourselves morally, intellectually and spiritually through the careful study of the lessons that Freemasonry has to impart. Brethren are welcomed to visit our lodge and stay for our Festive Board which is an integral part of the masonic experience.

Masonic Apron

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the world's oldest existing fraternity, tracing its origins back to the stonemason trade guilds of the Middle Ages, and incorporating the teachings and philosophies of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Freemasonry is defined as a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. It is a philosophy of life that makes use of ancient allegories and symbolism to promote ethical behavior, moral and intellectual self-development as a means of improving oneself and consequently society.

What do we believe in?

Freemasons believe in the existence of a Supreme being, and men of varying faiths who believe in the existence of a supreme being are welcomed. We advocate living according to the Golden Rule of doing on to others as you would have them do on to you. We believe in brotherly love, relief/charity and truth; and we live our lives according to the four cardinal virtues of Temperance, Prudence (wisdom), Fortitude (courage) and Justice for all.

We strive for intellectual self-development through the study of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. It is only through intellectual development that society can rise above ignorance and truly realize its full potential.

Volume of the Sacred Law

Victory Through Harmony Lodge No.94 exemplifies the principles of an Observant Lodge, upholding the longstanding traditions of Freemasonry dating back to the early days of speculative masonry. Our lodge strives to honor the rich heritage of the Fraternity. Embracing the ritual, authorized by the Grand Lodge of Quebec, our dedicated members embark on a more profound spiritual journey in their Masonic pursuits.

Observant Lodges have emerged worldwide as Freemasons seek spiritual and intellectual growth. Many individuals yearn for a deeper understanding of life's purpose. In this context, an Observant Lodge provides a venue conducive to inner reflection and self-development where the profound wisdom and knowledge of ancient teachings and philosophies can be explored.

Victory Through Harmony Lodge adheres to the Observance approach when conducting rituals. Within the sanctity of our lodge, we focus on the solemnity of our work, striving for perfection in our endeavors as we seek respite from the outside world. Our observance is exemplified by our reverent demeanor inside and outside of lodge, and in our exchanges with brethren. Prior to opening the lodge, we hold a period of quiet reflection to prepare ourselves. After closing the lodge, we gather to form a Chain of Union, to remind the brethren that the strength of our fraternal bonds extend beyond the walls of the lodge room.

We allocate ample time before an initiation, and between degrees, to the education of candidates and for reflection on the deep-rooted inculcation of our Masonic truths and ideals.

Our regular meeting is held on the second Thursday of every month except June, July and August at the Harmony Hall Masonic temple located at 14100 Pierrefonds Boulevard, Pierrefonds, Montreal Island, Quebec. Ample parking is available behind the hall which is accessible from Pierrefonds Boulevard.

The formal lodge meeting starts at 7:00 pm sharp, followed by the Festive Board. We recommend you attend the Festive Board as it is considered an important part of the masonic experience and constitutes half the program.

Victory Through Harmony Lodge No.94, being an Observant Lodge, has certain protocols that may not be observed in other lodges that we ask all brethren in attendance to respect.

Dress code and Protocol

Visitors are kindly requested to adhere to a formal dress code of black-tie tuxedo, or at a minimum, a dark suit paired with a white shirt, a black tie and black dress shoes. While not mandatory, wearing white gloves is encouraged. Grand Lodge officers will don their customary formal attire.

Dress Code and Protocol

Square and Compass

Lodge Protocol

The pre-lodge social aims to uphold the highest social standards. Therefore, we anticipate the embodiment of the utmost social graces and manners from all attendees.

Within the lodge, all conversation is strictly prohibited unless specifically invited to speak by the Worshipful Master. Visitors will be guided by the Director of Ceremony, following an organized and formal process, as they are led into the lodge room.

Illumination in the lodge room is mainly provided by candlelight. Our intention is to cultivate an ambiance of solemnity and contemplation. We strive to restore a sense of awe to our ceremonies, employing the power of our senses through music and moments of meditative silence, as well as the interplay of light and darkness. An opening and closing charge further enrich the experience.

Sincere and meaningful discussions are actively encouraged regarding the topics presented in the lodge. These discussions hold significant importance and are considered an integral component of our gatherings, alongside the Festive Board. Open respectful dialogue is expected, as it aims to enhance the Masonic journey, expand individual knowledge, and contribute to personal development.

Festive Board Guidelines

Visiting is one of the hallmarks of Freemasonry, and as such visitors to Victory Through Harmony Lodge are always welcome. As a matter of common courtesy, visitors are expected to notify our lodge Secretary in advance of their intent to attend a particular meeting. This is so that our Master and caterer can properly receive them within lodge and at our Festive Board.

Festive Board

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